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The UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network is dedicated to developing collaborative partnerships between healthcare professionals, academic researchers, industry partners, regulatory bodies and patients to synergise research into stratified medicine across the UK and support its adoption into the clinic.




What is stratified medicine? 

Academic and clinical research has revealed that most diseases have multiple subtypes that require different treatment approaches. 

Stratified medicine (also described as personalised, precision, or P4, Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory medicine) uses technical advances in genetic sequencing techniques, along with bespoke diagnostic tests, to prescribe the drug that is most likely to have a positive therapeutic effect for patients, from the start of their treatment, at the optimum dose and in the right combination with other medication.

Prescribing patients their treatment based on their genetic profile, molecular basis of their disease, risk of disease, and response to a particular drug therapy, rather than the signs or symptoms of their disease, improves healthcare outcome. 

Traditionally patients have been prescribed their medication based on the signs and symptoms of their disease. If a treatment A was not successful patients then had to be prescribed an alternative medication B. Technological advances have led to improved diagnosis of disease and allow patients to be stratified into subgroups, then offered a more precise treatment (either treatment B or C), personalised to the subcategory of their disease.


What is pharmacogenetics?

Inherited differences in genes controlling drug metabolic pathways dictate if an individual will response positively, have no response, or may even have an adverse drug reaction, to a particular drug. Pharmacogenomics, combining pharmacology (drug science) with an individual’s genomic profile (how the genes they have inherited function in metabolising drugs) improves drug safety and is very much of the stratified medicine approach.


What is the UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network?

The UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network brings together the multidisciplinary groups of professionals that are needed to deliver stratified medicine to patients in the clinic. Through the Network groups of experts from academia, the healthcare sector, regulatory organisations and patient groups have the opportunity to collaborate to analyse patient samples, and interpret their data to stratify patients into the subcategory of their disease, then identify novel drug target sites and develop the much needed new drugs and diagnostics to make stratified medicine a reality in the clinic.



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Founder and steering committee

The Network was first launched in 2010 by Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed and is very fortunate to have the support of key representatives from across all disciplines. Together they offer their expertise and influence to support the network’s aim of increasing the development and adoption of stratified medicine.


Activities of the Network

The Network has built an excellent reputation for the quality of the events that it hosts. Annual open meetings offer talks from academic/clinical experts, senior representatives from industry, regulators and patient groups. These meetings attract leading members of the stratified medicine community so offer great networking opportunities. Through focused workshops the Network invites leading policy makers to debate topics of interest and address the challenges of the wider adoption of stratified medicine. Presentations from these events are available on the website.

Event titles:-

Recordings of these events are available here. The findings of the workshops are sent for publication in leading scientific journals.


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