9th Santorini Conference - Systems Medicine, Personalised Health & Therapy : Santorini, Greece


From Sunday 30 September 2018
To Wednesday 03 October 2018

The 9th Santorini Conference aims to answer:

  • Can genetic screening help identify individuals at greatest risk for cardio-metabolic diseases and cancer?
  • What is the greatest clinical need with regard to diagnosis, prediction and patient stratification for these pathologies and how this is/can be addressed?
  • Does a genetic risk score identify patients at highest risk and is its use justified in clinical practice?
  • What are the challenges of the current clinical trials?
  • What about comorbidities with aging?
  • What is the impact of pharmacogenomics on:
  • Deliverance of more predictable responses to drug therapy
  • Minimisation of the occurrence and severity of adverse drug reactions
  • Conduction of more cost-effective clinical trials
  • Drug discovery and the drug development process
  • Do the existing diagnostic tools answer the needs of pharmacogenomics?

You can already note the dates (30 September to 3 October 2018) on your calendar and plan to join us and help make this 9th event a real success.

For more information about registration and abstracts’ submission please visit the website: www.santoriniconference.org.



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