Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar - Next steps for improving cancer care in England


Tuesday 17 July 2018

This seminar will bring together policymakers and stakeholders to discuss the next steps for cancer care in England - looking at funding and access, workforce targets and progress on service redesign.

The agenda includes keynote contributions from Professor Chris Harrison, National Clinical Director, Cancer, NHS England and Dr Linda Landells, Associate Director, Technology Appraisals, Cancer Drugs Fund, NICE.

The seminar also takes place as the Secretary of State for Health announces an independent review into breast cancer screening, following women missing out on mammography tests due to IT related failures.

Delegates will discuss the findings from the 16 regional Cancer Alliances and their impact so far on the redesign of local cancer services, as well as the further steps that can be taken to ensure earlier and faster diagnosis, and the progress of the 28-day standard pilots and Rapid Diagnostic and Assessment Centres.

Attendees will also assess the challenges for meeting workforce targets, following the publication of Health Education England’s Cancer Workforce Plan, which makes plans for 200 additional clinical endoscopists and 300 reporting radiographers by 2021.

Further sessions will discuss the new Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF), which is expected to release at least £140 million into the NHS over the next five years - as well as priorities for improving patient care and access to cancer medicines.

The agenda also includes discussion on:

  • Priorities for cancer research - looking at collaboration, funding and the impact of Brexit;
  • The developing role of genomics and personalised medicine; and
  • Key issues for patient engagement, survivorship and the potential impact of the quality of life metric.

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