From Tuesday 25 September 2018
To Thursday 27 September 2018

Today more than ever, we live in a world of mobile, digital and electronic generated data. In healthcare, real-world data provide great potential for better design and conduct of clinical trials and generate more value-based outcomes in drug development. To gain competitive advantage and achieve better outcomes, pharma and biotech organizations seek to advance the way they use RWE - real-world evidence, for the benefit of patients and commercial success of their products. 

If you’re interested to find out more about this paradigm transformation in product lifecycle, drug development and commercialization, join the 6th annual IMPACCT: RWE, where over 60 leading pioneers from key stakeholders in this space will gather to support the effective leverage of RWE in pursuit of more evidence-based decision making across the drug development continuum. 

Key Reasons to Attend

1. Discover how to innovate the use of the available real-world data, and translate it into clinically meaningful effects in the real world and more evidence-based decision-making processes.

2. Share your learnings and perspectives with a focused community of industry peers.

3. Gain insight into how to plan the evidence generation to effectively support drug development and commercialization success, enhance decision making, and establish yourself as a value generating organization.

4. Contribute to collaboratively advance the ‘impacct’ of RWE in drug development, patient-centricity, and product life-cycle.

5. Learn how RWE can be applied across the drug development continuum, particularly in clinical development, drug marketing and commercialization stages.

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