Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar - The future of biosimilars in the UK - innovation, regulation and increasing uptake


Thursday 18 October 2018

This seminar will consider the next steps in the development of biosimilars and their role in the NHS - bringing out latest thinking on potential cost saving, developing commissioning frameworks and encouraging uptake, and regulatory issues.

Delegates will discuss what measures can be taken to encourage the adoption of biosimilars in light of findings from the Cancer Vanguard - as well as the wider impact of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy in bringing new biological medicines to the market, and encouraging investment in biosimilar exports and manufacturing.

Further sessions will assess what more might be done to support the uptake of biosimilars in the NHS - including priorities for increasing engagement with clinicians, developing local commissioning frameworks and promoting patient choice.

Overall, areas for discussion in the agenda include:

  • Realising the potential of biosimilars - research, innovation and intellectual property;
  • Key issues for regulation - improving the quality of data and implications from Brexit; and
  • The UK’s life sciences market - next steps for biosimilars following the Accelerated Access Review and NHS England’s commissioning framework for biological medicines.


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