Genomics and Society


Saturday 01 December 2018

Questions arise surrounding the application of genomics and its benefit to society. How can it be useful to our health?

Being able to read all the letters of our Genome is an amazing development in mankind discoveries. It is the genetic information that is translated into functions to make us what we are. Over the last decade, we witness a huge progress in Biomedical Sciences best represented in the Whole Genome Sequencing. In the UK, we have the world-leading project of sequencing the Genomes of 100,000 individuals. Genome sequencing (Genomics) may offer new opportunities of many potential applications in healthcare and perhaps suggesting new therapies for diseases that were not treatable before.

This course looks at the field of Genomics from the eyes of Society. In informal workshop sessions, we will discuss few Genomics associated areas. We will first introduce Genes and Genomics before exploring their potential applications. Then we will spend some time addressing Ethics of Genomics and other surrounding issues. Finally, we will discuss and speculate efforts for future projects initiatives Beyond Genomics. We will argue how the Society should be more involved in contributing to these efforts.

At the end, we would like to draw a kind of a registered conclusion of our effort during the day. As such, the workshop discussions will be summarised and documented in a format of informal recommendations Policy Paper (1-2 pages).

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