Westminster Higher Education Forum - Next steps for the Research Excellence Framework


Thursday 04 April 2019

Morning, Thursday, 4th April 2019

Central London


This timely seminar will bring together policymakers and key stakeholders to examine the next steps for the second Research Excellence Framework (REF), currently being developed by the UK higher education funding bodies.


Delegates will assess the conclusions of the ‘real time’ review of the framework currently being conducted by Research England, and discuss strategies to ensure that the REF panels promote equality and reflect the diversity of the sector and the academic workforce, which was identified as a priority by the higher education funding bodies.


They will also discuss next steps for universities in ensuring that their open access policies are in place for REF 2021, including deposition, reconciling the use of broad standards with the needs of specific disciplinary communities, legal and ethical issues relating to medical research, and the technical barriers to open access.


Attendees will consider how REF can best support interdisciplinary and collaborative research, which was also identified as a key priority by funding bodies - looking at membership, how to tackle the challenges such as the compartmentalisation of research into subject groupings, and dealing with differences in linguistic and social conventions between disciplines.


Further sessions examine the likely effects of the increased weighting of ‘impact’ to 25% and latest thinking on strategies research institutions and individual researchers can employ to maximise the impact of their research, the practical challenges in demonstrating impact, and issues around its measurement across different disciplines.


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