Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar - Next steps for combating antimicrobial resistance - funding, prevention and research priorities


Wednesday 06 February 2019

This timely conference focuses on latest developments in tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in England - with the 2013-2018 UK AMR Strategy due to complete soon.

The agenda includes keynote contributions from: Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health and Social Care (subject to diary); Professor Alan Johnson, Head, Department of HCAI and AMR National Infection Service, Public Health England and Dr Manica Balasegaram, Director, Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership.

New strategy

It comes with the 2013-2018 UK AMR Strategy due to complete soon and with AMR cited by the Minister for Public Health as central to the forthcoming NHS Long Term Plan - with the plan set to focus on prevention, funding and research.

With a refreshed AMR strategy expected to include a 20-year vision and 5-year action plans, the agenda looks at the way forward for delivery to ensure that key aims are met.

Priorities for research

Planned sessions will look at the progress of research being conducted to strengthen efforts to tackle the spread of AMR and to develop new forms of treatment for drug resistant bacterial infections - including industry collaboration, funding for new medicines and the role of reimbursement models in encouraging drug development.

Delegates will also consider next steps for diagnostics being utilised to identify drug-resistant bacteria and support treatment decisions.

Funding research and development into prevention and new treatments

Further sessions will focus on the impact of new sources of funding in bringing new solutions, with: 

Prescribing in humans and animals

Delegates will examine the measures being taken by industry and healthcare professionals to encourage the responsible use of antibiotics in healthcare - with the need for responsible prescribing recently highlighted in the DHSC’s vision for prevention.

With the Veterinary Medicines Directorate reporting that sales of antibiotics for use in food-producing animals are at their lowest since 1993, there will also be focus on progress towards reducing the use of antibiotics within farming and agriculture, looking at potential ways forward for developing a holistic approach to human, animal and environmental health.  

International collaboration and the UK biological security strategy

There will also be discussion on the next steps for strengthening international collaboration on AMR, which is highlighted as a main strand of the UK biological security strategy - and follows £30m funding made available by the Government to support the global fight against AMR.

The agenda

  • Priorities from the AMR Strategy and meeting the 20-year vision;
  • Key issues for implementing the AMR Strategy - funding, prevention and aligning with the NHS Long Term Plan;
  • Engaging with clinicians to encourage the appropriate use of antibiotics;
  • Challenges for implementation - the role of CCGs, industry and the public;
  • Utilising diagnostics to reduce the risk posed by AMR;
  • Co-ordinating a global response to AMR;
  • Priorities for research - reimbursement frameworks, vaccinations and developing new treatments; and
  • Developing a holistic approach to tackle resistance - reducing the use of antibiotics in food and agriculture.


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