NHS R&D - Let's Talk Research Conference 5 : The Time Is Now (2021)


Thursday 01 July 2021

Let’s Talk Research: The Time is Now celebrates the exemplary work of early career NHS researchers that is laying the foundations for the methods and practices of the future and asks us to consider what we want research and innovation in the NHS to look like in 2050 and beyond.

The conference venue, The Monastery, Gorton, is a part of the long history of monastic medicine and the Franciscan focus on giving care to the poor. The mix of breathtaking Gothic architecture and modern renovations reminds us that the present is built on deep foundations and strong traditions and invites us to take a long view of the future of research and innovation in healthcare.

We build tomorrow today. The future is now!

The jam-packed day aims to deliver a programme of creative content and speakers to stretch the imagination of attendees, giving them inspiration and support on how to challenge the barriers of communicating their research in innovative ways.  Challenging them to do things differently in an environment where research truly matters.

Confirmed speakers so far…..


Prof Soo Downe, Professor in Midwifery Studies, UcLan

Click here to watch Prof Downe’s recent Wonder Woman podcast video where she shares with us her career journey from clinical midwife to practising researcher


Prof Dave Jones, Dean, NIHR Academy

Professor Dave Jones is responsible for assisting NIHR and universities in the leadership training and career management of all trainees funded through NIHR Integrated Academic Training Schemes and NIHR Personal Awards Schemes


Simon R. Stones, School of Healthcare, University of Leeds

Simon is a postgraduate researcher based in the School of Healthcare at the University of Leeds. He is a passionate patient advocate, consultant and ambassador for young people living with musculoskeletal diseases, inspired by his own journey with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and Crohn’s disease since childhood


Dr Justin Jagosh, Director, Centre for Advancement in Realist Evaluation & Synthesis, University of Liverpool

Justin is an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Liverpool and Director for the Centre for Advancement in Realist Evaluation and Synthesis – CARES.  He is an advisor on numerous research contracts involving realist methodology and delivers training workshops in the UK and Internationally, including an annual CARES Summer School. (As Justin is based in Canada his keynote will be done by live feed – something not to be missed!!!)


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