Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 10th Annual Clinical and Translational Biomarkers : Boston, USA


From Tuesday 02 June 2020
To Thursday 04 June 2020

The promise of precision medicine has been driven by the need to accurately predict patient response to therapy while ensuring drug efficacy and safety. Reducing costs and the time required for drug development is also a driving force in the use of biomarkers. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Tenth Annual Clinical and Translational Biomarkers meeting will cover novel biomarker discovery, clinical and analytical biomarker validation, and the role of biomarkers in clinical decision making.

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

Translational Biomarkers in Drug Development

  • Identification and translation of pharmacodynamic biomarkers
  • Biomarker assay development
  • Biomarkers for safety assessment
  • Genomic biomarkers

Biomarkers in Clinical Trials

  • Biomarker-based clinical trial design
  • Qualification for biomarkers in clinical trials
  • Biomarkers for patient selection
  • Biomarkers to monitor response to therapy

Liquid Biopsy in Precision Medicine

  • Liquid biopsy in cancer diagnosis, monitoring, and prognosis
  • Tumor-derived exosomes as biomarkers of cancer progression
  • Cell-free DNA mutation testing in precision medicine
  • miRNA biomarkers in early detection of cancer

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