ELRIG Networking Event: Biophysical Techniques in Drug Discovery


Thursday 27 February 2020

What are researchers doing with biophysical techniques to support drug discovery? What novel approaches are being adopted and how can they help? Are you up to date with the latest innovations in these technologies?

To find out more about how biophysical approaches are supporting innovation in drug discovery come join us at this ELRIG meeting.

You will hear speakers from across academia, biotech and the pharma industry offering their unique insights. The event is free to attend and will be followed by the opportunity to network over food and drinks.

Confirmed speakers

Giles A Brown (OMass)
‘Drug Discovery in High Definition’

Sean Robinson (Exscientia)
‘Next generation GPCR biosensor platform for AI drug design’

Frank von Delft (Diamond Light Source)
‘Accelerating structure-based lead discovery with XChem crystal-based fragment screening’


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