Westminster Insight : Record Management in the NHS Forum


Tuesday 30 June 2020

NHS Trusts face ongoing difficulties with record management. Paper records are still in use at several health care organisations, while other settings have concerns over electronic records and communication.

Westminster Insight’s Record Management in the NHS Forum will explore how to overcome challenges around sharing patient data, safely and securely. Creating a more cohesive and accessible public health record management system to improve patient safety.

Hear from the Great North Care Record who have transformed health management records and the way medical information is passed between health and care organisations. Working towards a shared vision for health and care providers, you will gain insight into the transition to digital records and the potential to enhance integration, joined up working and reduce risk.

We will explore the impact of digital records on regulation and how to create a compliant trust policy for record management, develop staff engagement and ensure reliable records that can boost internal communications.

Join key stakeholders from NHS trusts and NHS Digital to share actionable approaches towards record management including archiving, storage and processing records.


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