Westminster Health Forum Online Conference : The future for UK regulation of medicines, medical devices and clinical trials - transparency and public trust, safety and enforcement, and support for innovation


Thursday 16 July 2020

***Full-scale policy conference taking place online***

This conference will be a timely opportunity to discuss the future regulation of medicines, clinical trials and medical devices in the UK.


The agenda:

  • Priorities for regulation and the role of the MHRA;
  • Meeting the challenge of regulating and developing medicines during the Covid-19 Pandemic;
  • Stakeholder priorities for medicine regulation - safety, research integrity and innovation:
    • developing a regulatory ecosystem that supports innovation, provides regulatory certainty, and is transparent,
    • research integrity, skills and international collaboration,
    • key issues for patient care - research, communication and access to treatment,
    • developing methods and technologies to ensure safe and effective medicines, and
    • prioritising support for the uptake and adoption of innovations.
  • The future for collaboration with the EU, and the UK’s relationship with the EMA ;
  • Using technology to tackle irresponsible medical ads - partnership with online platforms and statutory enforcement partners; and
  • Key issues for ensuring quality in clinical trials and the medicine approval process - research integrity, public trust and workforce development.


Developments that are relevant to the discussion:


Areas for discussion at this conference:

  • The Medicines and Medical Devices Bill - and its provisions for:
    • ensuring the safety of human medicines and devices,
    • access to and availability of human medicines and medical devices, and
    • making the UK an attractive place in which to conduct clinical trials, supply human medicines or develop and supply devices.
  • Healthcare regulation - the future landscape, and role of the UK in European regulatory procedures - including key issues for maintaining access, innovation and the supply of medicines to the UK;
  • Clinical trials - looking at priorities for the research transparency group, and key issues including:
    • priorities for research and funding in a changing landscape,
    • what is needed from regulation to ensure the transparency of clinical trials - and how improvements in transparency will be measured,
    • maintaining the trust of the public and clinicians, and encouraging engagement, and
    • driving adoption and preventing variation.
  • Safety of medicines and technologies - key issues for improvement, looking at:
    • priorities for developing safe and effective treatments, and
    • awareness raising and training in the administration of treatments  for staff, patients and the general public and the developing role of patient safety specialists.
  • Enforcement and sanctions - how non-compliance with regulations should be tackled, including:
    • proposals in the Medicine and Medical devices Bill for a enforcement notices with criminal sanctions for breaches,
    • how individuals affected by breaches to legislation will be able to bring civil proceedings forward, and
    • what more can be done to deter the manufacture and supply of counterfeit products in the future.
  • Innovation - ensuring the regulatory framework fosters development of new medicines and technology, including:
    • priorities for meeting ambitions around scalability and adoption of new products and devices from successful clinical trials to rollout;
    • progress of the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) - set up to speed up the uptake of pioneering treatments,
    • factors for effective adoption, looking at clinician trust, the role of AHSNs and limiting variation,
    • improving the speed of the regulatory approval process,  and
    • further support could be provided to innovators, with the NHS Long Term Plan emphasising the importance of innovation and bringing the benefits to patients.

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