Westminster Health Forum Online Conference : The future for advanced therapies in the UK - manufacturing, access and next steps for innovation


Wednesday 09 September 2020

This conference will consider the future for advanced therapies in the UK - examining key issues for research infrastructure, regulatory environment, as well what more needs to be done to meet the Government’s aim to make the UK a global hub.


Areas for discussion include:

  • Development of infrastructure and workforce needed to support the development of advanced therapies;
  • Supporting innovation and research across the UK;
  • Key issues for the regulatory and approval process;
  • Improving adoption of advanced therapies in the NHS and patient involvement;
  • Assessing the impact of a global pandemic on the advanced therapies industry supply chain, logistics and regulatory landscape;
  • What can be learnt from the expedited trial and approval processes in place during the pandemic in terms of supporting advanced therapies to market: and
  • Policy priorities for making the UK a global hub.


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