Wellcome Genome Campus : Genomic Imprinting – from Biology to Disease (Virtual Conference)


From Monday 28 September 2020
To Wednesday 30 September 2020

Wellcome Genome Campus are pleased to announce the first multidisciplinary conference on Genomic Imprinting – from Biology to Disease.

Informed by recent technical developments in various ‘omics’ techniques, the field of genomic imprinting is progressing fast and the relevance to clinical medicine is increasing rapidly. This conference aims at bringing together basic research scientists, health care professionals and others from different disciplines in order to share expertise in genomic imprinting and imprinting disorders and provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Besides mechanisms in epigenetics and imprinting, including its life cycle, the conference will highlight new techniques and methodologies in imprinting research. We will also discuss inherited factors and the influence of the environment, and explore clinical aspects and imprinting disorders.

This virtual conference is held in collaboration with the newly formed International Genomic Imprinting Society (IGIS).

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