Genomics Education Programme - Introduction to Bioinformatics


Tuesday 31 December 2019

Discover how bioinformatics is becoming increasingly important to contemporary healthcare research and delivery. Learn about the principles and practices of bioinformatics, the challenges it faces and the problems it can help to solve.

Why take this course?
With advances in genomic technologies, the amount of biological data we can now generate about patients is vast. It is vital that healthcare integrates the principles of bioinformatics to process and make sense of that data in a form that clinicians can use to support patient care.

Who is this course aimed at?
This module is primarily targeted at practising healthcare scientists and at clinicians with an interest in healthcare science.

What will I learn?
You will be introduced to the discipline and practice of bioinformatics, with a particular focus on the practical value and the clinical applications of bioinformatics. Generally, the course will promote an understanding of the growing importance of bioinformatics in contemporary healthcare, the challenges it faces and the problems it can help to solve.

How will I learn?
Through textual content, videos, animations and case studies, you will learn from a range of bioinformatics experts, including practitioners in cutting-edge genomic medicine departments and researchers across a range of disciplines. On completion of the course, a short assessment will provide an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned.

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