Genomics Education Programme - Postgraduate Certificate in Genomic Medicine


Tuesday 31 December 2019

The Postgraduate Diploma in Genomic Medicine follows a syllabus specified by HEE to train National Health Service staff. There is funding available for NHS staff to study genomic medicine.

This course will help you lead the holistic integration of genomic technology into patient care within the NHS. This includes the ambitious 100,000 Genomes Project at Genomics England.

The course is especially for NHS professionals to improve skills and support career progression. It is also suitable for healthcare professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including those working, or wanting to work, in other healthcare systems. The course is suitable for non-healthcare professionals too. In developing your knowledge and skills in genomics, the course will prepare you for work orPhD study in:

  • genomics
  • bioinformatics
  • medical-related research in academia or the pharmaceutical industry
  • the medical application of genomics
  • introducing genomics as a new technology into a healthcare system

You will learn from world-leading experts in genomics. From the outset you will be encouraged to become an independent and self-motivated learner.

The course begins with an introduction to genomics. You’ll focus on the basics of DNA, genes and genetics. It will bring you up to speed with the current understanding of whole-genome information. We will introduce you to:

  • the technologies for generating genome-wide data
  • how to analyse and integrated the vast quantity of information generated
  • how to produce meaningful information for those with inherited conditions or diseases like cancer

You will learn how to:

  • interrogate genomic data using bioinformatic tools
  • identify and investigate the pathogenicity of genetic variants and relate them to real-life case-studies.

Other core modules consider the role of genomics in infectious disease and pharmacogenomics, while optional modules explore the ethical, legal and social issues that surround genomic medicine, and counselling skills.

Students choosing the PGcert will study 4 taught modules. Please check with your preferred university for details of mandatory and optional modules.

Core Modules

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