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    "Genomics in Medical Specialties" series

    Now more than ever, genomics is applicable across all areas of medicine and healthcare. Improved technologies, increased understanding of genomic data, and the increased availability and affordability of testing have resulted in changes to the way in which patients and their families are treated and cared for. As genomics becomes embedded into routine care, consultants and nurses in each specialty, as well as the specialist genetics workforce, need to have an understanding of the application of genomics in their practice.

    The Genomics Education Programme's "Genomics in Medical Specialties" series has been developed in collaboration with champions of genomics from a range of disciplines to provide key facts and useful information.

    Watch their films, 'Genomics in Cardiology’, 'Genomics in Pathology' and 'Genomics in Primary Care' or learn more by visiting the Genomics Education Programme website.

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    "Help us to make healthcare better."

    PHG Foundation has spent 21 years working with you to make science work for health. We're proud of our achievements so far, but there is plenty still to be done to ensure fast-moving science delivers timely health benefits for patients and citizens.

    By taking this short, anonymous survey telling us what you know about the Foundation and its work, you can help us understand more about the impact of our past efforts and, importantly, how we can do better in the future.

    Take me to the survey

    By completing the survey you also stand a chance to win a £250 donation to the charity of your choice. It will take just 5-10 minutes.

    This survey has been created by Traverse as part of an independent evaluation of the PHG Foundation. We would really value hearing about your views of us and our work, and the findings will inform our future strategy.

    Responses to this survey will be fully anonymous and returned to us in a collated format. If you have any questions about the survey or would prefer to answer survey questions over the phone, please contact Chloe Juliette on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07936334961.

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    IQVIA & Genomics England platform

    IQVIA™ (NYSE:IQV) and Genomics England have announced a collaboration to develop a platform that will connect clinical and de-identified genomics data to accelerate treatment advancements for patients. This alliance will enable faster and more efficient drug research, more robust evidence to support treatment value, and greater access to personalized medicines.

    Using IQVIA’s E360™ platform, authorized researchers will have privacy-protected, technology-enabled access to Genomics England’s patient-consented, de-identified data to create custom clinical-genomic datasets and run leading-edge analytics on genomics and observable traits.

    Combining IQVIA’s leading real-world technologies and services experts with Genomics England’s datasets, network and infrastructure to generate, organize, and enhance genomic data, can make the United Kingdom one of the most attractive places for life sciences companies to invest. The deeper insights about patient populations and faster ability to understand the value of potential treatments could also make the UK a catalyst for analytic and scientific advances.

    “IQVIA brings together deep healthcare and life sciences domain expertise to manage and curate real-world data with advanced analytical technologies. Working together, we can unlock the potential of these datasets to advance research and benefit patients in the UK as well as those throughout the world,” said Joanne Hackett, Genomics England’s, chief commercial officer.

    Together, IQVIA and Genomics England will enable academic and commercial customers to conduct a wide range of research including: association studies of genomics and observable traits, comparative efficacy and safety trials, and burden-of-illness and discovery analytics using the de-identified data in a secure environment that protects patients’ privacy. Life sciences companies that use IQVIA’s leading clinical and observational research will be able to provide genomic testing to patients in parallel or as part of their clinical programs. This will help advance precision medicine and patients’ access to novel therapies – with the goal of delivering the right drugs to the right patients at the right time.

    “Drawing insights from clinical-genomics datasets is the future of real-world research, and we are delighted to work alongside Genomics England as a pioneer in this evolving field,” said Jon Resnick, president, IQVIA Real-World and Analytics Solutions. “Our collaboration advances the analysis of these complex datasets, which could accelerate the discovery of precision therapies, improve access and health outcomes, and deliver upon our Human Data Science vision.”

    Click here to learn more at the Genomcis England website.

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    Clinical Practice Research Datalink

    Practices have an opportunity to gain useful feedback to help improve patient care, contribute to medical research and earn extra income by joining Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD). 

    More than 1100 GP practices already take part, contributing anonymised data which is used in vital drug and vaccine studies such as proving the safety of the whooping cough vaccination during pregnancy.  

    For 30 years, GP practices across the UK have contributed de-identified data to CPRD.

    A key benefit of joining is receiving regular practice-level prescribing and patient safety quality improvement reports, which help GPs to review patient care. Case review from QI reports can be used in annual appraisals. Practices can also earn extra money by completing questionnaires and taking part in clinical trials, and contributing data ensures your patients are represented in research evidence that informs national clinical guidance and best practice.

    You can find out more about the benefits at www.cprd.com/generalpractitioner


    Joining CPRD is free and simple.

    Please click this link through to the short joining form:




    If you have any questions you can contact CPRD’s GP Engagement Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 020 3080 7206.

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