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Cancer Research UK is on a mission to detect cancer sooner

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) are focusing their efforts to help detect cancer earlier and significantly improve survival chances.


For most cancers, the earlier it is detected and treated, the better the outcome. Take colorectal cancer, patients diagnosed at stage 1 have over a 95% survival chance, whereas those diagnosed at stage 4 have less than 8% survival chance1 and significantly higher costs of care2. However strikingly, close to half of all cancers are diagnosed at a late stage in the UK and it’s become CRUK’s mission to drive change, support researchers in detecting cancer at the earliest possible stage, and increase survival chances. To help them achieve their ambitious goal to see three-quarters of people with cancer surviving the disease by 2034, they’ve launched a number of initiatives in this area.

To increase, encourage and support transformative cancer early detection research, CRUK has rolled out new funding specific for this field of research, including several new funding streams from £20,000 – £2.5 million. The funding committee encourages high-risk, disruptive research, as well as international and industry collaboration.

To drive innovation and novel ground-breaking research, CRUK has teamed up with EPSRC and STFC to hold a series of three-day Innovation Sandpit Workshops, where they bring together multidisciplinary researchers to develop new ideas and solutions for the biggest challenges facing the early detection of cancer field. Researchers with the best ideas walk away with £100,000 seed funding to commence the project.

CRUK is focusing on improving the translation of novel cancer diagnostics and technologies. They are actively encouraging collaboration with industry through their grants, and are connecting academics with commercial researchers through a number of mechanisms, including a series of networking events that are held in partnership with Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Through the Early Detection of Cancer Conference, held in partnership with the Canary Centre at Stanford University and the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Sciences University, CRUK is bringing together researchers working on cancer early detection from across the globe. The three-day event encompasses world-leading research, novel discoveries, scientific debate and plenty of networking. The next conference will be held on 24-26 September 2019 in San Francisco.

To unite the world’s brightest minds and drive game-changing research, CRUK is launching the International Cancer Early Detection (ICED) Alliance, a virtual research centre between six lead sites in the UK and the US. The Alliance will leverage key strengths at each site, driving novel collaborative research to accelerate progress in the field.

Finally, CRUK believes that it’s crucial to encourage and support the next generation of early detection researchers. To assist them, they’ve made the early detection of cancer a priority area for their Career Development Fellowship scheme.

And this is just the beginning - to stay on top of new initiatives and opportunities as they are rolled out, email their team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join our mailing list.

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