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PGx Special Interest Group

In 2019, the International Society of Pharmacovigilance (ISoP) Executive Committee encouraged the creation and development of a new Special Interest Group (SIG) in ISoP dedicated to exploring issues relating to Pharmacovigilance relevant to medicines with PG associations, and on 5th May 2020 approved the Application for the establishment of the SIG. It is planned to officially launch the SIG during the ISoP General Assembly October 2020.
The members of this group have a specific interest in pharmacogenomics (with all levels of expertise or experience with pharmacogenomics, from those who are full time in the speciality, to those who want to learn more. What really counts is a healthy interest in and enthusiasm for the topic and a willingness to contribute).

The overall aim of the Pharmacogenomics SIG is to provide an opportunity for ISoP members interested in pharmacogenomics to share and provide information on relevant issues and developments; and to support pharmacovigilance relevant to medicinal products with pharmacogenomic associations.

The key objectives are:
1. To create opportunities for those researching and investigating pharmacogenomics to network and encourage collaboration and regularly share news and information to Pharmacogenomics subgroup members to expand knowledge of how medicines cause adverse reactions in genomic subpopulations and why efficacy would be different as well.
2. To exchange experiences and provide support to healthcare professionals and/or organizations on evaluation of the pharmacovigilance related issues associated with pharmacogenomic biomarkers.
3. To organise and/or support training and tutorials for pharmacovigilance centres to increase understanding while focussing on aspects of pharmacovigilance and risk minimisation measures relevant to medicinal products with pharmacogenomic associations. Insights from this can improve benefit-risk balance in genomic subpopulations and lead to better and more original study designs.
4. To organise, where possible, a session at the ISoP annual meeting each year on the topic of pharmacogenomics in pharmacovigilance.
5. To advise the ISoP Executive Committee, where required, on issues relating to pharmacogenomics in pharmacovigilance.


Click here for more information about the ISoP Pharmacogenomics Special Interest Group.

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