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Overseas Partnerships Sought - Healthcare UK

The UK is at the forefront internationally in the area of genomics and personalised medicine. This presents a great opportunity for the UK to capitalise on this position and achieve commercial gain through international commercial partnerships, as well  as enjoy the many other benefits  of international collaboration. Healthcare UK is a small team within the UK Government which helps organisations win international commercial contracts.

Clinical Lead for Healthcare, Rory Shaw, as well as his team, are actively looking for commercial opportunities in many countries in particular China, which is currently the most rapidly growing healthcare market. They are taking a very broad definition and looking in all areas including education and training, clinical services, pharmacogenomics, laboratory services, data handling, analytics, data interpretation, big data, research, med tech,  e- and m-health applications and new therapies, as well as looking in areas such as cancer and diseases where the new –omics era has a potential  impact.

Healthcare UK are looking for organisations in both the commercial and public sectors which meet the following criteria - 

A] Working in any aspect of genomics, pharmacogenomics, precision medicine, and other -omics linked clinical areas such as cancer, or inherited disease

B] U.K. Registered company or part of the UK public sector

C] With a clear offer of a product or service

D] A desire and corporate commitment to winning a commercial deal overseas, in particular in China, within a year

E] Being “market ready” with a sufficient understanding of what it would take to work overseas in terms of scale of the market and culture

F] Having the ability to follow up an introduction including visiting the customer in their own country eg China

If your organisation meets these criteria, it would be helpful also to know your view on which countries you are, or are not interested in, and also your idea of the type of customer in the target country likely to be interested in your product or service.


To make contact with Healthcare UK regarding this, organisations would need to prepare one Power Point slide indicating -

1] your product or service, described in about four lines and written in a way  that a lay person in an embassy overseas can understand

2] a couple of lines about your company and the website details

3] any evidence of existing or previous overseas commercial activity (this gives confidence to the customer)

4] the email address of the contact person

This slide should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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