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"Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology"

The Problem Solving in Oncology series is published with the Association of Cancer Physicians, and the latest title is called Problem Solving through Precision Oncology. 

Problem Solving Through Precision Oncology is:

  • Authoritative: the latest book in the series from the Association of Cancer Physicians, written by 76 contributors including the editors Ellen Copson, Peter Hall, Ruth Board, Gordon Cook and Peter Selby
  • Comprehensive: providing a succinct overview of the latest progress in the field with 15 clear teaching chapters to refresh knowledge.
  • Practical: gives a hands-on guide for the cancer physician including 21 ground-breaking real-life case studies showing how to apply precision  in practice.
  • Educational: a valuable learning tool for everyone in the team, including graduate medical trainees and anyone wanting to expand their knowledge.
  • To see the contents and view a sample chapter, click here

While precision oncology has huge potential to improve the well-being and outcomes of treatment for cancer patients, the challenges of application can be daunting. This book is a highly practical resource, helping clinicians and their teams make good decisions and gain a common understanding of this important new treatment area.

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