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Single Cell Analysis Market Survey

Oxford Global are pleased to release their 2019 Single Cell Analysis Market Survey.

In this survey, they focus solely on the application of single cell analysis for "omics" - genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and proteomics. Omic-based single cell analysis is a rapidly expanding field, with respondents from pharma, biotech and clinical research institutions in the survey currently applying these methods.

The survey explores the opportunities provided by Single Cell analysis as well as their challenges. It highlights the trends in Single-Cell Omics, provides a view of the latest technological developments and applications of single-cell technologies in the field of biomedicine, for example in cancer, metabolic and neuro diseases, immunology and reproductive health.

Peter Franko, SYNGEN 2019 Portfolio Director, said, "This survey is a valuable report for bioinformaticians, molecular diagnostic researchers, clinicians who are interested in understanding more about single-cell omics, its potential for research and diagnosis and its opportunities and challenges." 

Click here to read the report.




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