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#UKPGx2017 Delegate Feedback

Following our recent Open Meeting, feedback is in from our delegates.

The venue, 30 Euston Square, was described as "perfect, excellent, fantastic, lovely, superb, outstanding”. Delegates loved the location, the lecture theatre, the delicious food and the welcoming venue staff. 

The event was described as  "friendly, informative, visionary, thought-provoking, stimulating, well organised, very impressive.” Delegates felt that the speakers were “top-notch”, “high calibre” and enjoyed the broad scope of diverse topics presented. Many commented on the excellent networking opportunities. Comments included:

“I found it to be very well organised and extremely fruitful: many inspiring presentations and plenty of interesting people to network with. The conference covered some of the hottest topics related to stratified medicine and each talk gave me a take home message.”

“A great event with a broad range of fascinating topics delivered by a great bunch of speakers.”

“Great value for money.” 

Click here to view talks from this and previous Open Meetings.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. Genomic talks were focussed on Mendelian disorders and single variants, but the polygenic underpinnings of common disorders and treatment response will be where the real gains in healthcare come from.  While the evidence for implementation is still weak, it is important to prepare clinicians, scientists and patients for this change in perspective. 

Despite there being female chairs we need more female speakers.

More practical information of how the genome project data is going to be used in practice is needed  and there are many questions to be answered. For example: Are there pilots planned to try use in discrete clinical areas? How will guidelines for practice adapt? How will HTA review adapt? 

The Network holds focused workshops to address the challenges of adoption of stratified medicine into the clinic and will look to incorporate answers to these comments in future workshops.  Click to view the presentations and findings from our workshops.

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