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Articles from the field of stratified medicine and pharmacogenetics.

Pharmacogenetics in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treated with R-CHOP: Still an unmet challenge
From Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Polygenic Scores and Clinical Utility
From the PHG Foundation

STrengthening the Reporting Of Pharmacogenetic Studies
Development of the STROPS guideline

The GDPR and Genomic Data
From the PHG Foundation

Centre for Date and Ethics - AI Barometer
A major analysis of the most pressing opportunities, risks, and governance challenges associated with AI and data use in the UK

Artifical Intelligence for Genomic Medicine
From the PHG Foundation

PAS 440:2020 Responsible Innovation - Guide
From BSI Group

Contested futures: envisioning “Personalized,” “Stratified,” and “Precision” medicine
From Taylor & Francis Online

Improving the Drug Discovery Tool Box
How to Achieve More Efficient Processing and Analysis of Screening Data: from PerkinElmer

Preparing Primary and Community Care in the NHS for Genomic Research
A joint report by the NIHR CRN and RCGP

Dementia risk prediction models - what do policy makers need to know
From the PHG Foundation

The personalised medicine technology landscape
From the PHG Foundation

Genomics in mainstream clinical pathways
From the PHG Foundation

Personalised prevention in breast cancer
From the PHG Foundation

Long read sequencing technologies - ready for the clinic
From the PHG Foundation

Working together to deliver stratified medicine research effectively
From the UKPGx Network and NIHR CRN "Engaging the NHS in stratified medicine research" workshop

Health economics for stratified medicine
From the UKPGx Network and Academy of Medical Sciences "Health economics of stratified medicine" workshop

Current opinions on drug repositioning and repurposing progress, challenges and recommendations
From the UKPGx Network and MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science "Opportunities for drug repositioning" workshop

Defining drug response for stratified medicine
From the UKPGx Network "Drug response for stratified medicine in terms of drug efficacy, variability and safety" workshop

Accelerating artificial intelligence in health and care: results from a state of the nation survey
As published on

Drug repurposing: progress, challenges and recommendations
As published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

The future of healthcare: our vision for digital, data and technology in health and care
The government’s vision for the use of technology, digital and data within health and care

Industrial Strategy White Paper
Government unveils Industrial Strategy to boost productivity and earning power of people across the UK

Leveraging public procurement to grow the innovation economy
An independent review of the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI)

First-In-Human Trials whitepaper
Considerations for Estimating the Initial Dose is the first part in the 3-part series that is published by The Spaulding Clinical Research Team

Data Protection Bill 2017
The Data Protection Bill will update data protection laws for the digital age and was introduced to the House of Lords on 13 September 2017

European Medicines Agency concept paper
Concept paper on predictive biomarker-based assay development in the context of drug development and lifecycle

Academy of Medical Sciences Strategic Plan 2017-2021
Academy of Medical Sciences Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer 2016
Prof Dame Sally C Davies' annual report

Variant Classification and Interpretation
PHG Foundation and Association for Clinical Genomics Service workshop report

Enhancing the use of scientific evidence
Academy of Medical Sciences report "Enhancing the use of scientific evidence to judge the potential benefits and harms of medicines

Regulation and governance of health research: five years on
Summary of a joint workshop held by the Academy of Medical Sciences, Cancer Research UK and the Wellcome Trust – November 2016

The UK drug discovery landscape
Summary of a joint workshop held on 17 October 2016 by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Genomics and personalised medicine: how partnership with the UK can transform healthcare
Published on GOV.UK

Defining drug response for stratified medicine
Published in Drug Discovery Today, Jan 2017

Patient Participation for Stratified Medicine
Workshop summary report

Biobanks and Biorepositories for Stratified Medicine
Workshop summary report

Future Initiatives in Experimental and Precision Medicine
Health and Care Research Wales Position Paper

Exemplar clinical pathways for a stratified approach to diabetes
Academy of Medical Sciences FORUM meeting report

Exemplar clinical pathways for a stratified approach to cardiovascular disease
Academy of Medical Sciences FORUM meeting report

Value of Knowing and Knowing of Value: the need for an expanded value framework for complementary diagnostics
EPEMED and Office of Health Economics (OHE) white paper

Rethinking Informed Consent in Genomic Research
Exeter Stakeholders Meeting Report

Stratified, personalised or P4 medicine
Summary of a joint FORUM meeting

Real world evidence
Summary of a joint meeting hosted by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Patient adherence to medicines
Summary of a joint meeting hosted by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

UK Pharmacogenetics & Stratified Medicine Network Organisational Profile
A detailed breakdown of the network steering committee, membership and activities.

Innovate UK Delivery Plan
Innovate UK's Delivery Plan for the Financial Year 2016/17

Parkinson's UK : Patient And Public Involvement

A resource for researchers

Accelerated Access Review: Interim Report
Review of innovative medicines and medical technologies

NHS - Personalised Medicine Strategy
Published by Sir Bruce Keogh, National Medical Director, 24 September 2015

Genomics in the UK
An industry study for the Office of Life Sciences

The Opportunities and Challenges in Stratified Medicine - An MSC View


Nuffield Council report on Bioethics
The collection, linking and use of data in biomedical research and health care: ethical issues

The Forward View Into Action : NHS Planning for 2015/16
The NHS approach to partnership and planning for 2015/16.

Early Access To Medicines Scheme
Apply for a promising innovative medicine (PIM) designation or scientific opinion for your medicine from MHRA.

National Action Plan for Adverse Drug Event Prevention
From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Unlocking The Code of Health
Bridging the gap between Precision Medicine and FDA Regulation.

Personalised prevention and public health: an urgent agenda


Reengineering Medicines Development


The Vision for Real World Data – Harnessing the Opportunities in the UK


ABPI eHealth and Health Information


360˚ of Health Data: Harnessing big data for better health


ABPI Big Data Roadmap


Stratified Medicine: Discovery to patient – Mind the gap
ABPI 2014 R&D Conference Report

BIVDA Manifesto: Challenge to the Next Government 2015
The British In Vitro Diagnostics Industry’s Challenge to the next Government which calls for action on the three key issues industry identified at the end of 2014.

Presentations and Recording available: European Funding Opportunities for SMEs Webinar

KTN Launch Event Video
Video explaining how the KTN have helped business accelerate innovation

North West Coast Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) Innovation Celebration Event

The Innovation Celebration event at St. George’s Hall to highlight the work that the North West Coast AHSN is doing to drive innovation

Is Stratified Medicine a unique challenge or a huge opportunity?

Concentra report on the challenges and opportunities of Stratified Medicine

The British Pharmacological Society report A Prescription For The NHS
Recognising the value of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics

Delivering value to the UK
The contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to patients, the NHS and the economy Dec 2014

Patient safety and pharmacovigilance
Patient safety and pharmacovigilance Nov 2014

ABPI: One stop shop
Delivering excellence in patient safety across the UK Nov 2014

International Comparison of Medicines Usage
Quantitative Analysis Nov 2014

British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Special Issue: Future of Antimicrobials
The latest issue of BJCP offers an insight into the future of antimicrobial treatments and a consideration of the strategies, outside the realm of traditional management and practice, to improve antimicrobial development and use.

Health and care action plan 2014 to 2015
UK Government Policy paper October 2014

The stratification of disease for personalised medicines

ABPI Vision Paper Sept 2014, a five year progress report

Setting the right standards for clinical genome analysis

PHG Foundation July 2014 briefing note

UK strategy for rare diseases
An update on the UK Strategy for Rare Diseases from the Government Rare Diseases Forum July 2014

CRUK stratified medicine programme

Key outcomes from the first CRUK stratified medicine programme 2013

CRUK stratified medicine website


Unlock Your Global Business Potential UK Stratified Medicine

Report from UK trade & Investment 2013

MRC Molecular Pathology Review
Medical Research Council Molecular Pathology Review





































Summary of a joint workshop held by the Academy of Medical Sciences, Cancer Research UK and the Wellcome Trust – November 2016

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