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Biocrates Life Sciences AG

Senior Medical Diagnostic Advisor

Biocrates offers Targeted Metabolomics solutions that have been used in hundreds of research projects. The technology has provided biomarkers in as diverse indications such as diabetes, heart failure, breast cancer, or Alzheimer's Multiple pharmaceutical companies have used Biocrates' targeted metabolomics technology in both basic and clinical research settings. Among other things, the technology has provided positive predictors of drug response on multiple occasions.

Adverse Drug Reactions
Biobanks / Biorepositories
Bioinformatics / Drug Trials
Cardiovascular Disease
Diagnostics / Biomarkers
Drug Development
Genomics / Genetics
Immunotherapy / Allergy
Inflammatory Disease / Arthritis
Liver Disease / Injury
Neuro-Degenerative Disease / Epilepsy / Psychology / Stroke
Pancreatic Medicine
Regenerative Medicine
Renal Disease / Injury
Reproductive Medicine
Respiratory Medicine
Biocrates Life Sciences AG

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