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10th Annual Open Meeting

21 June 2023

Royal College of Physicians, London
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09.00-10.40  |  SESSION 1: Emerging concepts

Welcome:  Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed

Mitochondrial genome and precision medicine: Prof Patrick Chinnery

Epigenomic profiling in rheumatic diseases: Prof Carl Goodyear

Modelling Alzheimer’s disease for drug discovery: Dr Rebecca Sims

11.20-12.40  |  SESSION 2: Pharmacogenomics Implementation in the 4 nations

England: Vicky Chaplin

Scotland: Prof Sandosh Padmanabhan

Wales: Sian Morgan

Northern Ireland: Prof Ian Young

13.40-15.15  | SESSION 3: Neuropsychiatric diseases

Standards of care for spinal muscular atrophy: The Patient’s Perspective: Portia Thorman

Pharmacogenetics for mental health: Prof Elvira Bramon

Precision medicine approaches to motor neuron disease: Prof Dame Pamela Shaw

Neurofilaments and neurodegeneration: Dr Axel Petzold

15.40-17.10  |  SESSION 4: Complex diseases

Health economics of genomic technologies: Prof Sara Wordsworth

Genomics of inflammatory bowel disease: Prof Holm Uhlig

Omics approaches in adrenal disease: Prof Wiebke Arlt


17.10  |  Event close

Close: Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed

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