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3 Nov 2022

ABPI publishes its first genomics report: 'Harnessing the UK’s genomics expertise to improve patient outcomes'

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) has published its first genomics report, 'Harnessing the UK’s genomics expertise to improve patient outcomes'.

The report presents the current progress, challenges and opportunities within the UK genomics landscape. It also outlines 10 recommendations for the system, reflecting key industry priorities, including:

  • Developing collaborations to build the UK’s genomics research expertise and infrastructure, including data interoperability.

  • Working towards workforce upskilling for genomic-driven research approaches.

  • Driving improvements in the genomic medicine services across the four UK nations to bring patients equal access to genomics-enabled healthcare and research.

  • Ensuring that healthcare professionals have the required education and training to deliver genomics innovations to patients.

Read the report.

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