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1 Jul 2022

Nature Genetics celebrates 30th anniversary and marks 200 years since the birth of Gregor Mendel, founder of the modern science of genetics

Volume 54, Issue 7 of Nature Genetics marks 30 years since the launch of the journal. It also celebrates the legacy of Gregor Mendel, widely considered the founder of the modern science of genetics, who was born 200 years ago.

The issue's editorial notes,

The convergence of these two milestones helps us to look back on how far the genetics field has come, and also to look to the future to see where we are heading.

The issue presents perspective and commentary articles that examine the history of Mendel’s discoveries, the legacy of geneticist W. G. Hill, and the future of plant genomics for crop improvement.

Read the editorial.

Read the comment from Dr Kevin Davies, Founding Editor of Nature Genetics.

Browse the issue.

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